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Colour fastness to perspiration is determined by the Justy perspirometer against known international standards. Metallic frame with 5kg loading device. Acrylic resin separator plates supplied. Recommended two units one for acidic tests and the other for alkaline tests. The procedure normally involves, treatment of samples in contact with specified fabrics and placing them between the plates of the PERSPIROMETER. The unit is then incubated for the specified number of hours at body temperature. After drying, the change in colour of each sample and the staining of the fabrics are assessed with Grey Scales. A Hot Air Oven is required.


The Justy Pilling Tester ranks fabrics in the same order of pilling procensity as would be found in the normal wear. Pilling is the surface deterioration of the fabric which significantly reduces useful life.

Features :

Digital programmable electronic preset counter for easy setting of the duration of the test Most woven and knitted material can be tested, giving excellent versality Confirms to international Standards (ASTM & BS) Super noise free, geared motor with illuminated switches.
The apparatus includes mounting jig, 8 moulded polyurethane tubes, template and usual accessories.


The Justy Crease Recovery Tester provides an easy and simple way of assessing crease recovery properties of a fabric. It determines the recovery angle after a load application of 10N. As per BS standard.


The MBTL Light Fastness Tester - The instrument is used for evaluating the fastness to light of coloured materials. The instrument comes complete with digital programmable timer, an imported hour meter, specimen holders, Blue wool standards and Grey Scale TEARING STRENGTH TESTER.


The Justy Tearing Strength Tester is used to determine the tearing resistance of fabrics. The friction pointer fitted with a brass lined hub, which maintains a constant friction of the pointer and carries a spring loaded ball for increasing the friction. The Tearing Strength Tester conforms to ISO and ASTM standards.

Specification :

Supplied with two caliberated weights for loading the tester to 3200 gms & 6400 gms. The scale is graduated in millinewtons. The instrument carries our certificate of calibration, along with facility for in house calibration at a later stage.


The Justy Beesley Balance consists of a light weight beam pivoted on jewel bearings with a hook at one end and a pointer at the other.

The balance directly gives the count of yarn.

A template is provided to give lengths of yarn in Metric, Cotton, Linen, Wool Skin, and worsted counts. The balance is house in a sheet metal case having sliding transparent doors.