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The Justy Colour Matching Cabinet provides standardised and controlled environment for visual assessment where there is a need to maintain Colour consistency quality.

It allows a person to evaluate colour samples under different light sources :

Artificial Daylight, Tungsten Filament Light, Ultra Violet Black Light and Triphosphor Fluorescent Light

Highly recommendable for all laboratories


The "Justy " crock meter is used to determine colour fastness to rubbing, which is the resistance of the colour of textiles and other materials to rubbing off and staining. Specimen are rubbed with dry/wet, undyed cotton crocking cloth. The staining on the crocking cloth is assessed with a Grey Scale.


The Motorised version of the crock meter is a state of the art instrument and is available with a programmable preset digital counter, which automatically stops it after the predetermined number of cycles. The motor drives the reciprocation arm at a constant speed of 60 r.p.m and the counts are sensed by a non-contact type proxy sensor.


The Justy Round Cutters are used for cutting samples for determining the weight per unit area (usually grams per square meter). The sample cutters cut out rapidly and accurately circular specimens, of a particular fixed area or diameter.


The Justy Flammability Tester is an inclined plane type tester. A test specimen under test is held in a sheet metal holder at an inclination of 45degC. A Flame from a standard jet is made to impinge on the upper face of the fabric near its bottom edge and the time taken for it to propagate through a specified distance determines the flammability of fabric under test.

The ignition time is set from a digital electronic pre-set tuner. The flame jet is automatically brought back to it's initial position at the end of the pre-set time interval. The instrument confirms to ASTM, BS and DIN standards.


Water Distillation Unit - A compact completely stainless steel unit complete with heating elements for inhouse preparation of distilled water for the laboratory. Microprocessor based pH Meter - A microprocessor based Handy Digital pH meter with automatic temperature compensation (ATC), high accuracy, HOLD function and multipoint push button caliberation facility.