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Soil Testing

JMT - 611
SOIL HYDROMETER IS : 2720(Part IV), IS : 3104.
Used for grain size analysis of soils where more than 10% of the material will pass through 75 microns. I.S. sieve. Manufactured from clear transparent glass having uniform clarity throughout the upper end on which density scale is engraved. The scale range is 0.995 to 1.030 density (gms/cc) at 27 degree C. Smallest divisions On the scale is 0.0005.
Note:Hydrometer for other liquids also available.

JMT - 612
Designed to find out specific gravities of Semi Liquid like mud and other liquids having densities in the range 0.8 to 25. It has a Stainless steel bam calibrated specific gravities form 0.8 to 2.5.. A counter weight with cursor slies over he graduated scale. The beam has a knife edge at center which rests in a fulcrum fitted in the stand. Leveling screws and spirit level are fitted to the stand.

JMT - 613
IS ; 2720(Part XXVIII) – 1966.
This apparatus is used for the in place determination, of the dry density of compact, fine and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50cm thickness.
The complete apparatus consists one each of : Small sand pouring cylinder, 3 liter capacity , fitted with conical funnel and shutter. Cylinder calibrating container, internal dia 10cm and internal depth 15cm, fitted with a flange, metal tray, 30cm square and 4cm deep with a 10cm dia hole in the center.
Accessories :
Metal tray, 30cm square and 4cm deep without hole. Test forms pad of 50.
Note:  Sand pouring cylinder largee as per IS 2720(P-XXVIII) also available.

JMT - 614
CORE CUTTER IS : 2720(Part XXIX) – 1966.
This is used for determination of in situ dry density of natural or compacted fine-grained soil, free from aggregates. A cylindrical cutter is used to extract sample of the soil with the help of a dolle and rammer. From the weight, density and the moisture, and dry density of the soil are readily calculated.
It consists one each of : Cylindrical core cutter made of steel, 127.3 mm ling and 100mm internal diameter , steel Dolle, 25mm high with a lip to enable it to be located on top of the core cutter. Rammer with detachable steel rod.
Spare, Optional Extra and Accessories: 1) Cylindrical core cutter 100mml.D. x 175mm long. 2) Cylindrical core cutter 100mmI.D. x 175mm long. 3) Cylindrical core cutter 100mm I.D. x 175mm long
4) Dollee 5) Test form pad of 50..

JMT - 615
This for determining the moisture density relation of soils. In this apparatus, small quantity sample is compacted under kneading action of the spring -loaded tamper set either at 10kg or 20kg. as, the sample required is very small , a number of tests can be carried out, each time taking a fresh sample. The time required for compaction is very much less. The mould can be interchangeably used with Miniature Field permemeter where permeability tests can be conducted at high pressures..

JMT - 616
For determining the permeability characteristics of soils, solidified soils and rock cores, high- pressure permeability studies can be carried out. The complete outfit comprises: - Mould 50mm diameter x 100mm high and collar, Top Plate, Base plate with recess for porous stone and porous stone, Indicator pipette, 6mm x 300mm x 300mm long. Reservoir tank fitted with 7kg/cm gauge, valves, flow control regulator and foot pump
When Compaction of soil in the field is done using rolling machines, it is important to know O.M.C.and M.D.D. values. Standard Compaction test is used to determine in laboratory Optimum Moisture Contents (O.M.C.) and Maximum Dry Density (M.D.D.) of soils, which represents field samples.
Compacted soils have increasing use in embankment of dams, highways, railways etc. in recent years in order to meet current heavy traffic on runways and highways, heavy duty field compacting equipment has come into use and in view of reproducing greater densities, heavy compaction tests using heavy compaction apparatus have been developed.

JMT - 617
(Part - VII)
The apparatus consists one each of Compaction Mould Gun Metal, 100mm ID x 127.3mm height x 1000 c. volume, complete with collar and base plate. Rammer 2.6kg x 310mm controlled fall.

JMT - 618
Instrument consists one each of : Compaction Mould, gun metal, 150mmID x 127.3mm height volume 2250cc.complete with collar and base plate. Rammer 4.89kg x 450mm controlled fall for heavy compaction test according to IS2720 (Part-VIII). Note :
 Instead of Gun Metal moulds, steel moulds are also available.. .

JMT - 619
IS : 2720(Part VII &VIII)
Now-a-days almost every soil laboratory conducts compaction and penetration tests on soils. In both standard and heavy compaction tests the operator has to count the number of blows of the rammer on each layer of soul during compaction. A mechanically cum electrically operated automatic compactor is therefore deviced to eliminate tedious hand compaction process. Which also considerably saves time with the rammers provided two stroke lengths, available, the compactor can be used for normal compaction/heavy compaction as well as C.B.R. compaction.
Specification: It is a motor driven mechanical compactor useful for soil compaction into 100mm or 150mm.diameter moulds. Two sets of rammers are provided one of 2.6 and arranged for 310mm drop and other 4.9kg and arranged for 450mm fall, for compaction soil into150mm dia moulds, 100mm face dia rammers having weight 2.6kg and 4.89kg are used. Where as for 100mm dia moulds they are of 50mm dia. The rammer assembly is provided with a ratchet and pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer. When the rammer reaches the required height the pawl release the rammer - which falls freely on soil surface. The release mechanism is operated by an arm moving up and down which is connected to a reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm. An automatic blow counter fitted to the compactor is used to set the number of blows. The base plate of the specimen mould is to be fitted to the rotating base plate of the instrument-which makes 1/5th revolution per stroke. The equipment is suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, single phase, A.C.supply. Moulds are to be ordered separately.

JMT - 620
(ABBOTT TYPE) IS: 2720(Part – IX) 1971 – 1978.

This is used for rapid determination of moisture content dry density relation using a constant weight of dry soil passing through 75 micrometer IS sieve.
Specifications: It consists of a metal cylindrical tube having 50cm ID and 435mm height, a detachable base plate and a cap are provided for this tube.
8.nos. 1.5mm dia holes equally spaced are dilled at a height is attached to a metallic rod with knob, so as to have a combined height of about 550mm and a total weight of 2.6kg.
This rammer is adjusted for a free fall of 310mm.
The graduations in millimeters and centimeters are marked on this rod, to coin-side with zero (0) of the scale with the cap of the tube. Graduation are marked downward 0 to 8cm with millimeter divisions.
The also plate has internal diameter of 50mm with OD of 140mm and height of 25mm is supplied with flange and wing nuts for easily introducing soil sample and removing it.