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Plastic Testing Machines

Analouge, Disgital, Computerised / electronic Models Available


It is electrically operated and is used to check the physical impurities. It is basically vertical type, limit switches are incorporated for both the directions so as to limit the traveling range . The accuracy of the machine is within permissible limit as per IS: 1828 load elongation recorder can also be provided on request.

Capacities available

50 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 250 Kgf, 500 Kgf, 1000 Kgf, 2500 Kgf, 5000 Kgf and 10,000 Kgf.

Analogue / Digital / Computerised machines available


The Justy Hot Air Oven is manufactured strictly as per the guidelines of The International Thermal Association (ITA) and provides conditions for accelerated tests and exposures. The Oven incorporates a host of user friendly controls which make working with it easy and comfortable.

Features :

It is double walled with inside fabricated from Heavy Stainless Steel. Size 18" x 18" x 18" Insulation within the walls is provided with impartial mineral glass wool Air circulation fan for forced convection is provided with auto shut off facility Programmable digital temperature indicator cum controller.


This Apparatus for plastic consists of a hinged metallic frame which serves as support for the test specimen .The frame is fitted with a bush for supporting a rod caring a hardened indenting tip at its lower end and a loading platform near its top to place the weights on . A dial guage is fitted at the upper end of the frame to measure the movement of the rod . The whole assembly can be immersed in a liquid bath consisting of a glass beaker heated with the help of an electric heater cum magnetic stirrer having provisions for controlling the rate of heating and stirring independently .The temperature is displayed on a digital temperature indicator.


Specific Gravity of any elastometer is of considerable importance for its identification. Besides it can also be used for providing a rough assessment of it's physical properties. It can also be used for finding if the sample and the product are prepared from the same compound or not . A specific gravity balance may be used to find the specific gravity of plastics and other elastomers directly without involving any calculations. The time taken to find the specific gravity with the help of this balance is about a half a minute only.

Ranges: 0.9 to 3.0 & 0.2 to 2.0.


Melt Flow is generally known as an indicator of fluidity in molding of plastics. This Flow rate tester is being widely used for measuring melt index. It measures amount of molten material extruded in specified period of time under specified load conditions from an orifice of specified size at a specified temperature.

Temperature Range : Ambient- 300 o C
Accuracy : +/-0.1o C
Timer: 0-99.9m
Complete with barrel load weight : 2.16 & 5 Kg


It is used for measuring Susceptibility of ethylene plastic to environment stresscraking when subjected to certain condition of stress in the presence of soap, wetting agents, oil and detergents. The bath is fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel from inside & outside is fabricated from mild steel. The temperature is maintained with the help of a digital temperature indicator cum controller.


The MBTL Light fastness Tester -the instrument is used for evaluating the fastness to light of coloured materials. The instruments come complete with digital programmable timer , an imported hour meter , specimen holders, Blue wool standards and gray scale.


The Justy JM Colour matching Cabinet is a universally preferred choice for visual colour matching and inspection application. It provides standardised controlled environment for visual assessment where there is a need to maintain colour consistency quality. It allow a person to evaluate colour samples under different light sources.
Light Source Code Colour Temperature No. Purpose
ADL 6500K 2 No. For Daylight matching
Fluorescent lamp
TL-84 4000K 2 No. For point of Sale Matching
Filament Lamp
TEL 2300K-2800K 4 No.
Metamerism Under
Domestic light
Ultra Violet Lamp U.V. Ultra Violet
1 No.
For checking variation in 'whites'
Flourescent Dyes & Bleaches


It is used to determine the tearing strength of Plastic films. The friction pointer fitted with a brass hub, which maintains a constant friction of the pointer and carries a spring loaded ball for increasing the friction. The Tearing Strength Tester conforms to ISO and ASTM standards.

Specification : Supplied with two calibrated weights for loading the tester to 3200 gms & 6400 gms. The scale is graduated in millimeters. The instrument carries our certificates of calibrations, along with facility for in house calibration at a later stages.