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Leather Rubber Testing Machines

Analouge, Digital, Computerised / electronic Models Available


It is electrically operated and is used to check the physical impurities. It is basically vertical type, limit switches are incorporated for both the directions so as to limit the traveling range . The accuracy of the machine is within permissible limit as per IS: 1828 load elongation recorder can also be provided on request.

Capacities available

50 Kgf, 100 Kgf, 250 Kgf, 500 Kgf, 1000 Kgf, 2500 Kgf, 5000 Kgf and 10,000 Kgf.

Analogue / Digital / Computerised machines available


Salient Features

  • Triple walled MS/SS 304 qlty. inside.
  • Temp range 50 o C to 300 o C
  • Thermostatic Control
  • Built in dial type thermometer
  • Heating Elements on both the sides
  • Two to three removable shelves.
  • One air circulation fan
  • Power supply - 220/230 volts A.C.
  • Electronic digital temp. controller-cum-indicator (optional)
  • PID controller with two ramps & two soak profile (optional)
  • Electronic digital temperature indicator (optional)

Analogue / Digital available


Compression Set IS:3400(Part X) ASTM D 395

Compression Set Apparatus to determine compression set characteristics of vulcanize rubber under constants.

Tension Set IS:3400:

Tension Set is to determine the tension change at required temperature and time.

Flexing Fatigue Tester

This Flexing apparatus is used to measure the resistance to dynamic fatigue of vulcanized rubber and elastomers test specimen when subjected to repeated bending and extension.

Flexing Fatigue Tester is a 20 station instrument designed to test the resistance to crack growth after repeated flexing.

  • The instrument is capable of testing up to ten million cycles.
  • The minimum cycle travel is 1/2 inch, to a maximum of 4 inches.
  • The standard speed of the instrument is 300 cycles per minute.
  • There is an option for adjustable speed, with a range from 0 to 500 cycles per minute.
  • A chamber to test at elevated and depressed temperatures from -85 to +150 C is also available.


Justy Dumbell Cutting Die is used for Dumbell shaped specimen for Tensile Testing as per IS:3400 part-I. Compression Set Apparatus : 'Justy' Compression Set Apparatus at constant strain is defined as difference between the original thickness of the test piece and that after recovery, expressed as the percentage of the initially applied compression . It measures the ability of the vulcanized rubber to retain their elastic properties after prolonged compression under constant strain. The compression set is determined by subjecting test specimens in shape of cylindrical discs to constant strain for given time at specified temperature after allowing them to recove.


The furnace is insulated with ceramic fiber blanket of high density for better insulation. Working temperature 900 °C. It is quick heating, light weight , table mounted and elegantly designed. The outer is painted and epoxy powder coating.


It is designed and manufactured inaccordence with DIN standard. It is used to check uniformity and comparison of rubber.