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Impact Tester

Impact Tester Model JIT - 30
is designed for conducting CHARPY, IZOD ans IMPACT TENSION tests. The test methods confirm to IS 1757-1761, IS : 1499-1959 and BS : 131:131 : Part 2 & 3, IS:1598-1960, BS : 131 part I and ASTM E 32-47T.

The impact energy absorbed by the specimen during rupture is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture and the height of rise after rupture of the test specimen and is read on the dial scale.

Salient Features :

  • Release of pendulum by 'two hand operation'.
  • Safety guards for protection.
  • Breaking arrangement is provided for stopping the pendulum.

Coupled with experience and expertise gained by manufacturing testing machines since 1966, the new "Justy" Impact Tester provides easy operations, reliability and consistency.

Note :Customised special purpose Impact Testers as per your requirement and usage are also manufactured as per I.S, B.S & A.S.T.M and D.I.N. Standards.

Impact Testers
  Charpy and Impact Tension Test Izod Test
Pendulum drop angle 140o 85o21'
Pendulum effective weight 20.59 Kgs. 21.79 kgs.
Pendulum speed 5.3465m/sec. 3.857m/sec.
Pendulum impact energy 30kg-m 16.52 kg-m
Min. graduation 0.2kg-m 0.14 kg-m
Distance of axis of hammer rotation and center of test piece/point of test piece hit by banner. 825 mm 825 mm
Max. permissible loss by friction & windage, etc. 0.5% of max. impact energy  

Charpy Test Izod Test Impact Tension Test
A)         Striking Edge          
          Angle              :30o

Radius of           
            curvature       :2.25 mm
          Width             :18 mm

A)         Striking Edge          
          Angle                    :75o

Radius of           
            curvature       : 0.75 mm
          Horizontal        :10 mm     
Vertical relief       : 5o     

A) Striking fork                    Distance                      
 between forks        :36mm
Radius of curvature   :1mm 

B)   Support :                              
      between arms         : 40 mm    
      slopping angle         : 0o          
      relief angle               :10o     
      Radius of curvature   :1.25 mm

B) Support :

     For gripping specimen with
     dimension of 10 x 10 mm

 B)  Support :
      for clamping specimen
       with dimensions as
Diameter         : 6.4 mm
Length (total)   : 68 mm
Length (measuring) : 25.4 mm
Thread of supporting : M10 x 1.5