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Cement Concrete

JMT - 511
IS : 7320
This is a brass tube approximately 53cm long and 2.8cm I.D. with a wooden handle. Total length approximately 73cm. The tube has the sharp angular with conveniently pierces cement bags. An air hole of approximately 3mm dia is drilled on the tube near handle. Total sample collected at one time is 300cm 3 approximately. .

JMT - 512
IS : 1199 - 1959.
As Entrainment of air limited percentage improves durability of concrete and very low percentages deteriorate it, measurement of air entrapped is freshly mixed concrete becomes important. The use of chemical adities to increase workability to concrete otrn requires an air content check to be made. Air Entrainment meters are used to determine air entrained in freshly mixed concrete by pressure method.
Specifications :
The appratus consists of pressure tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl of 0.005 cubic meter capacity of maximum sizeof aggreate 38mm. The bowl is fitted with a removeable flanged conical cover assembly with the help of a seal. the conical cover has an air valve and a pet clock for bleeding of water. A transparent cylidrical stand pipe which is graducted in air content is fixed to the coonical cover assembly.
Pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb and pressure is recorded on the pressure gauge which is mounted on the stamp pipe. The whole assembly is mounted on a flat base.
the instrument is supplied complete with one each following accessories.
Calibration cylinder with spring clamp, Trowel, Tamping road, straight edge,Rubber mallet and measure.

JMT - 513
IS : 1199, 5515.
The apparatus is used for determining the workability of fresh concrete, provided the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm. The test is particularly useful for concrete mixes of every low workability where true slump values are not reliable.
Specifications :
It consists of two rigid conical hoppers and a cylinder mounted on a rigid metal frame. The lower openings of the hoppers are fitted with hinged trap doors having quick release catches. A circular metal plate is provided to cover the top of the cylinder. Supplied complete with one plasterer's trowel and one tamping rod, 16mm dia x 600mm long, one end rounded. .

JMT - 514
Same as above but 0.007cubic meter capacity for maximum size of aggregate 38mm.

JMT - 517
IS : 6932 (PART VIII)
This is used for determining the workability of building limes.
Specifications :
The flow Table consists of a 30cm. dia ground and polished steel plate with three inscribed annular circles. 7, 11 and 19cm dia. The table top is arranged for a free fall of 12.5mm by a cam action, supplied complete with one brass conical mould, 65mm I.D. at base and 40mm I.D. at top, height of the mould 90mm..

JMT - 519
IS : 5512
Specifications :
Same as above but electrically operated, fitted with a motor, connected to the cam shaft through a reduction gear to give approximately 100r.p.m. Suitable for operation in Single Phase 230 Volts, 50 Cycles, A.C.supply..

JMT - 520
IS : 269, 712, 5514, 1727, 2645,4031, 6932(PART-IX) BS : 890, 915, 1370, 4027,4226 & 4248.
It is used for mixing cements pastes, mortars and pozzolanas.
Specifications :
The apparatus consists of an epicyclic type stainless steel paddel imparting both planetary and revolving motion, by means of gears. It has two speeds of 140+5r..p.m. and 285+10r.p.m. with planetary motions of approximately 62r.p.m. + 5r.p.m. and 125r.p.m. +- 10r.p.m. respectively. The stand of the mixer has arrangement to raise or lower bowl. Complete with stainless steel bowl of about six liters capacity. Suitable for operation on 230 Volts, 50 Cycles, Single phase, A.C. supply.