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Cement Concrete

JMT - 501
IS : 7535 - 1986
This is a brass tube approximately 53cm long and 2.8cm I.D. with a wooden handle. Total length approximately 73cm. The tube has the sharp angular with conveniently pierces cement bags. An air hole of approximately 3mm dia is drilled on the tube near handle. Total sample collected at one time is 300cm 3 approximately. .

JMT - 502
IS : 4031,5516,1727 AND 4828, ASTM C-204, BS : 4359 PART II
The apparatus is used for determining the fineness of cement in terms of specific surface expressed as total surface area in square centimeters per gram of cement. This is a variable flow type air permeameter.
Specifications :
The apparatus consists one each of permeability cell 12.5mm I.D., Manometer 'U' type mounted on stand with a built in a stop cock, perforated disk, plunger Rubber stopper, Rubber tube 30cm long. Packet of 12 filter paper discs and a bottle of 100cc dibutyiphthalate liquid. Spares and Accessories : Punch to cut filter paper discs.Non-performed disc. Suction bulb.

JMT - 503
Same as above but in addition is fitted with a dash pot which facilities gentle lovering of the needles.
Accessories :
Mild steel base plate 5inches x 5inches.Fulcrum muld, brass, 70mm I.D base dia x 60mm I.D> top dia, 40mm height.
Note : 1) Normally set of needles and mould which meet IS requirements as per IS.5513 are supplied. While ordering please specify the specifications code of the instrument required.
2) vicat needle apparatus for determining consistency of Hydraulic cement, gypsum plaster, lime etc. as per ASTM C 187-58, c 472-62: c 110-58, IS 2542 (part-i) can be also supplied.

JMT - 504
IS : 4031, 2645, 2542, (PART-i ), 1727, 5513 & 712. BS : 12, 146, 915, 1370, 4027, 4246, 4248. AASHO - T 129, E 131.
This instrument is used for determining the normal consistency and settings times of cement and 'A' class limes. Specifications :
The apparatus consists of of a metallica frame bearing a freely mocable rod with a cap at top, one vicat mould, split type and glass base plate and one set of needles one each initial needle, final needle and consistency plunger..

JMT - 505
IS : 8425, BS : 4352 PART-II, BS : 12,146, 915, 1370,4027, 4246 & 4248
Comprises one air permeability cell of range 500 to 10000 sq.cm/gm. The cell is complete with a perforated disc and a compacting plunger. The instrument is supplied with 'U'. Tube manometer having an isolation tap assembly and a suction blub., This apparatus is mounted in a woolen cabinet..

JMT - 506
IS : 5536, 8425, BS : 12, 1370, 146 & 915.
The meatheod and results obtained from this apparatus depend upon the rate at which air flows under a given pressure gradient through a bed powder of known density and voids content, in order to determine the surface area of the individual particles.
Specifications :
The complete equipment comprises of one air permeability cell lea and nurse type for areas 500 to 10000 sq.cm/gm. complete with perforated plate one capillary tube, one plunger for compaction of sample and a wooden case.
Accessions :
Air source, comprising one pressure chamber fitted with a value, regulator, connecting tube, a toot pump and two drying towers. Manometer liquid in 500ml bottles.

JMT - 507
IS : 4031 - 1968.
Used for finding specific gravity of Hydraulic cement. Made from brosill glass. The flask is 243mm in total height, having a buld of 90mm dia of 25ml approximate capacity. The long neck of the flask has at a top funnel of 50mm dia in which fits a ground glass stoper. The neck has over all 11 I.D. Upper portionis graduated from 18 ml to 24 ml with .1 ml graduation. Just at the bottom of the nek 1ml capacity is marked in between there is 17ml capacity bulb.

JMT - 508
ASTM-C 191
This instrument is used for determining the time setting of hydraulic cement.
Specifications :
A base with a vertical shaft and two horizontal arms. The lower arm is adjustable for height. 1 No. initial needle 1/12inch dia 1/4ld.wt. 1 No. Final needle 1/12inch dia. 1lb.wt. 1 No. glass base plate. Complete as above.

JMT - 509
ASTM C-360.
The apparatus is used to determine the workability of portland cement concrete. The kelly ball test is considered to be simple and much faster than the slump test. Twice the kelly ball reading approximately equals the slump.Specifications :
It consists of a cylinder with a ball -shaped bottom and handle, together weighing 15 kg. A strip frame, guides the handle and serves as a reference of measuring the depth of penetration. The handle is graduated in MM. Penetration can be recorded to the nearest 0.5mm.

JMT - 510
IS : 269, 712, 5514, 1727, 2645,4031, 6932(PART-IX) BS : 890, 915, 1370, 4027,4226 & 4248.
It is used for teh determination of soundness by expansion meatheod of ordinary and rapid hardneing portland cement, low heat portland cement and class A lines.
Specifications :
It consists of a small split cylinder forming a mould. On either side of the split cylinder, two parallel indicating arms with pointed ends are attached. Supplied complete with two glass plates and a lead weight.