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JMT - 201

Suitable to cut/drill cores of Concrete, Rocks, Stones, Tiles or the similar material. The machine is suitable for core samples of size upto 150mm diameter with the help of thin walled Diamonds Bits which are extra cost. The machine has sturdy base with pillar support in which rack and pinion is provided for adjustments in height and penetration assembly. The leveling screws are provided at the base. For gripping the sample in position suitable grips are provided. a suitable electric motor, standard make is fitted in the machine with cooling arrangement with water. the base frame is also fitted with wheels for ease of transportation.

Dimension approx. are as under :

Height : 1300 mm
Base : 600 x 1200 mm
Head travel rack : 350 mm
Drill Speeds : 900 RPM for soft samples : 350 RPM for hard samples.
Water Swivel : Built in machines.
Suitable for 230 volts AC, single phase.

Accessories : 1)Thin wall diamond bits. 2) Core barrel.
Diesel engine model : Same as above but works on diesel engine and thus can be used at site also.

JMT - 202

Rock/Concrete/Mansonary, saw cutting machine can be used to cut Rock Cores. Concrete Cores, Stones, Building materials and metallic specimens. A smooth finish cut can be made with the machine in either wet or dry operation according to the nature of the specimen(cutters are at extra cost). The specimen cutting machine is designed to cut upto 200mm (specially the size of deep cut required in the specimen) deep cut in the concrete, Stones, Tiles, Soft rocks and Hard rocks or any other similar material. Specimen cutting machine is supplied complete fitted on a steel table, vice is fitted to hold the specimen. A guard is provided for the Diamond Cutting Wheel. A machine is operated by an enclosed type of fan cooled motor through the geared head drive.
The speed of cutting wheel is approximate 2100 to 2200 r.p.m. or in accordance with the revolution specified on the particular cutteing wheel. The machine is fitted with water supply pump for cooling the specimen & cutter during cutting operation. A machine is suitable for operation on 440 Volts A.C. mains, 3 phase. In machine arrangements are provided to move the sample , fitted on vice, lengtheise & breadth wise. Also Available with Generator Mounted

JMT - 203

Specifications : Drive by Diesel or Petrol/Kerosing Engine, Diamond wheel of 300 mmdia., suitsble for a cut of depth upto 110mm is supplied with standered outfit. The trolley on which the wngine is fitted also has a water tank which supplies a streme of water to keep the cutting bladecool during operation. Adjustment to control depth of cut is also provided. A safety guard is provided over the diamond wheel. Diamond wheels upto 600 mm dia., can be supplied at extra cost.